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(700MB) Totally Killer Download(2023): A Time-Traveling Slasher with a Twist


GenreComedy slasher
Release dateOctober 6, 2023
DirectorNahnatchka Khan
ScreenplayDavid Matalon, Sasha Perl-Raver, Jen D’Angelo
CastKiernan Shipka as Jamie Hughes / Colette <br> Olivia Holt as Pam Miller <br> Julie Bowen as Pam Hughes <br> Randall Park as Sheriff Dennis Lim
PlotJamie travels back in time to 1987 to stop the Sweet Sixteen Killer, who murdered her mother’s friends on Halloween night. She teams up with her young mom, who turns out to be a mean-girl ringleader, and tries to survive the horrors and hilarities of the ’80s.
ReviewsThe movie received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It was praised for its originality, humor, and style. Totally Killer review: a bright, funny horror gem [Totally Killer movie review & film summary (2023)

It’s the brainchild of Nahnatchka Khan, the genius behind ‘Always Be My Maybe’ and ‘Fresh Off the Boat.’

So, what’s it all about? Picture this: it’s a comedy slasher film with a mix of ‘Halloween’ and ‘Back to the Future,’ spiced up with a touch of ‘Mean Girls.’

The story revolves around Jamie, played by Kiernan Shipka, your typical teenager. But here’s the twist – she time-travels all the way back to 1987 to stop the notorious Sweet Sixteen Killer. This psycho murdered her mom’s pals on Halloween night, and Jamie’s on a mission to set things straight.

She teams up with her own mom, played by Olivia Holt. And guess what? Mom turns out to be a mean-girl ringleader from back in the day. Cue the hilarity!

 Why You Should Watch Totally Killer

  1. Clever and Original Plot: This movie is all about mixing genres like horror, comedy, and sci-fi, and boy, does it do it well! The time-travel twist in a slasher film? Genius. It sets the stage for some seriously creative moments and unexpected surprises. Plus, it’s a nod to classic ’80s films like ‘The Breakfast Club,’ ‘The Terminator,’ and ‘The Lost Boys.’ Who doesn’t love a good homage?

  2. Charismatic Cast: The folks in this movie? Top-notch. Kiernan Shipka is a total charm as Jamie, our modern-day hero thrown into the ’80s madness. Olivia Holt nails it as Pam, the young mom who’s a mix of mean and sweet. And hold on, we’ve got Julie Bowen and Randall Park! They’re a riot as the older versions of Pam and the sheriff. Oh, and keep an eye out for familiar faces from TV shows like ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,’ ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,’ and ‘Cloak & Dagger.’

  3. Laughs and Heart: ‘Totally Killer’ isn’t just about screams and gore. Nope, it’s got humor and heart in spades. You’ll be cracking up at the witty one-liners, pop culture references, and ’80s nostalgia sprinkled throughout. But it’s not all fun and games; the movie also dives into themes like friendship, family, and identity. You’ll watch Jamie grow and bond with her mom, and it’s a journey you won’t want to miss.

Where You Can Download Totally Killer

Totally Killer premiered at Fantastic Fest on September 28, 2023, and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It was praised for its originality, humor, and style. It was released on Amazon Prime Video on October 6, 2023, where you can stream it anytime you want. If you are a fan of horror comedies or time-travel adventures, you should definitely give Totally Killer a try. It is a totally killer movie that will make you laugh, scream, and cheer.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on Totally Killer 2023. If you did, please share it with your friends and leave a comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more movie reviews and recommendations. Happy Halloween!

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Dream Life in Paris

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